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Imagine having an automated marketing machine that helps you market your business and services more, 24/7!


Is your website blending in with the crowd like a lost sock in the laundry? We'll turn it into a dazzling disco ball that grabs attention and keeps visitors glued to the screen.


Imagine a never-ending stream of qualified leads flowing straight from your website. We'll weave lead generation magic into your design, turning casual visitors into raving fans and paying customers. Get ready to celebrate with epic happy dances (we highly recommend confetti).*


Forget boring website copy that puts people to sleep. We'll craft captivating content that engages your audience and compels them to take action. Think of it as irresistible website candy – sweet, informative, and designed to convert visitors into loyal customers.


Ditch the website fluff and laser focus on what truly matters – driving results for your business. We'll cut through the noise and strategically prioritize the elements that will make the biggest impact. It's like having a website guru whispering success secrets straight into your code.

Impactful Website Design for Max Results!


We build websites that wow and landing pages that convert. Think of us as your website dream team, crafting digital spaces that turn visitors into fans (and customers)!


Search engines got you down? We'll be your SEO superhero, rescuing your website from obscurity and launching it to the top of search results. Get ready for more website traffic than you can handle (we recommend a bigger inbox).


Not sure where your website stands? We offer a free audit to diagnose any website woes and identify opportunities for growth. It's like a website check-up, except way more fun (and free!).

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Website Design and Development

Miracle Heights is a 47-bed Residential Care Facility in Happy Valley, OR. The owners realized that their website is not functioning as it should be and has affected the way they communicated with their audience and potential applicants drastically. They reached out to me for a web design rebuild.

Websites for care service providers

Website Design and Development

Your ideal clients are out there looking for you on the internet. It's best to give them a way to connect and inquire about your care services. Having a website is a great way to getting your business and service seen online and is a must have in today's digital landscape.

Bliss Hair Restoration

Website Revamp

Bliss Hair Restoration is a premier destination for exceptional hair transplant and restoration services in the Philippines. They wanted to improve their brand's image online and revamp their website to today's standards. I was brought in to do just that.

High Desert Spores

Website and Content Creation

High Desert Spores aims to one of the premium quality vendors in the mushroom industry by boosting their digital marketing activities.

Keepher Soccer

Website Imagery and Content Creation

Keepher was started to meet the specific needs of the hands of a female goalkeeper as well as toattend to the unique qualities of the female athlete.

Creative Video

Creative Content and Ad Creation

Scroll-stopping content in today's world plays a critical role in digital media. It's essential to have stunning creative assets.

Our Process in 6 easy steps



Let's grab a metaphorical coffee (or tea, if you prefer!) and chat about your vision. We'll get to know your business, your goals, and what makes you tick.



Based on our call, we'll craft a personalized strategy document – your website's very own treasure map. This will outline the features, functionalities, and user experience that will make your site a success.



With a clear plan in hand, it's time to set sail! Once you're happy with the strategy, you can officially book your project and get ready to see your website come to life.



Here's where the fun begins! We'll translate your brand personality into a stunning design that's both beautiful and user-friendly. Think vibrant colors, captivating layouts, and a sprinkle of website magic.



Our tech wizards will take the designer's masterpiece and transform it into a fully functional website. They'll code, build, and ensure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.



We'll put your website through its paces with rigorous testing to make sure everything looks and functions perfectly. Then, with a celebratory flourish, we'll launch your website to the world, ready to impress!


"To every business owner who's looking for a custom-done-for-you website, you should work with JC. Speak with him now and let him do his wonders and magic! Thanks big time JC!"


Michelle R.

Ecom Owner

"JC did a phenomenal job auditing my website and highlighting several key areas for improvement. I certainly recommend his services for anyone seeking a stellar landing page!"


Thaabit H.

Realtor and Speaker

"JC's combination of professionalism and talent is rare. He goes above and beyond to make sure what we develop is successful. We look forward to working with him on many future projects."


Polo V.


"I asked for his help in building my landing page and I'm glad he took charge of it since Day 1. Knowing that I am not tech-savvy when it comes to building websites, JC patiently guided me on how the whole system works and he also took the time to listen about the goals of my landing page."


Feb T.


"JC made some great recommendations to improve my existing site, and also provided some options for better visuals, flow and CTA. Should make a big difference in Lead Gen opportunities."


Chris P.


"This guy really made a big difference to my business. From revamping my website from the ground up to supporting our monthly marketing efforts by producing quality creatives. I can't imagine where would we be this year without JC's help!"


Megan H.

Business Owner

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I build websites that get results. As a Web Design and SEO Specialist, I focus on one thing: making your service business a digital powerhouse.

I help you dominate online, attract high-value clients, and solidify your brand as an industry leader – all through strategic web design and proven SEO strategies.

I partner with businesses that make a real difference. Their passion fuels mine, driving me to deliver exceptional web design and SEO services.

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